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Look out for new range Ashanti Express and Spam Mix up

Crazy colourful clothing, ethically created in Ghana!

Ashanti Empress brings West Africa's most vibrant and flamboyant prints to the grey shores of the UK to create a fusion of Ghana’s colour and beauty with British festival and street styles. Our collection of men and women’s clothing use specially selected wax print and traditional handmade batik designs, bought from the winding alleyways of Kejetia, West Africa's biggest market. We are passionate about spreading good vibes and smiles all over the world,especially back in Ghana. We work directly with local Ghanaian tailors, seamstresses and craftspeople we help to support and sustain local industry by generating economic and creative opportunities. 10% of all profits also go directly to Blessed Mount Mary's school in the Ashanti region of Ghana, continuing to support the children in their education and providing much needed resources. Find out more -

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